100_10361Gary Samdaliri

Gary Samdaliri’s life as an artist began in 2006 when he started to master the skills of Persian marquetry, learning directly from the highly gifted marquetarian, Vahid Eftekhar. Gary specialises in themes based on sacred art and mythology, inspired by both western and eastern traditions. Since 2006 Gary has successfully completed a number of works ranging from Merlin, Lord Krishna, and Poseidon and Zeus. Being highly labour intensive some works, like Poseidon & Zeus, took nearly two years to complete.

After ten years of creating marquetry artwork, Gary felt an inner calling to explore art in other Media, and thus in 2014 he enrolled on a city & Guilds one year art course – Creative Techniques in 2D and 3D.

This course explored drawing, painting, mixed media and design, still life, portrait, and landscape and art history, and provided a strong foundation for Gary to further develop his skills as an artist.

After completing the course he then undertook oil painting lessons with a gifted local artist, Graham Martin. Graham assisted Gary in discovering the great diversity and potential that oil painting offers. During this time he completed his first self-portrait in oil.

The next important phase for Gary’s artistry development began in March 2016 when he started portrait oil painting lessons with the highly talented artist Christina Zahid at Studio 2 art studio in Bournemouth. Christina introduced Gary to the direct painting method of mixing on the canvass, which creates a beautiful, rich diversity particularly suited for skin tone.

Gary has also been attending life drawing classes at the Boscombe life drawing group, held monthly, and run by Sara Humby, which has helped Gary develop his drawing skills. Gary’s greatest love, however, is fantasy spiritual art and he has painted in oil his first original fantasy artwork – ‘Merlin (summoning the forces of Albion)’. The layout and composition was designed and painted mainly from imagination and inspired by his love of nature, mythology and spirituality. Gary Samdaliri has firmly established himself as a portrait and fantasy artist.