Chief Sitting Bull

Portrait painting is one of the most challenging, but equally rewarding, subjects to undertake.

The portrait artist seeks to capture the physical, emotional, intellectual and, ultimately, the inner soul of the portrait subject.

Portraiture is ultimately a celebration of life itself, with the power to convey a personal story of the individual . For that end, portraiture holds a special reverence in the history of art.

Portraiture allows the viewer to connect with the sitter in a uniquely intimate & deeper way that would be difficult in normal encounters.


Abstract art has become a dominating element of art in modern times, and we find galleries and exhibitions often full of unusual images of shapes and other peculiar artistic applications.

There has been no definitive date placed on the rise of abstract art, but it had slowly crept into contemporary art during the 20th Century, and now it is just as important and common as any other form of art. But what is abstract art?

Abstract art does not use a place, a thing, or a person in the natural world. Instead, artists use shapes, lines, colours, and form to build up an image that is often complex, and is, in essence, independent from the visual references in the natural world. By not using a reference point of interest, the interpretation of abstract art is thus subjective, and therein lies the attraction.

The difference between abstract art and other forms of art could be explained by the differences in television and books. Television tells the viewer what to interpret or see, whereas a book leaves the reader with his or her imagination to create the scenes they are reading. Abstract art, therefore, is more like reading a book.


The history of fantasy art can be traced back to the mythology and folklore of many ancient cultures. Fantasy art combines imagination and direct observation of reality. Often fantasy art can convey dreams and spiritual themes, and aims to access deeper visionary magical experiences that can be expressed through the medium of art.

Fantasy artists often use male / female muses within the composition of a given theme to depict a possible heroic, mythical or imaginary figure. Fantasy artists, therefore, require both strong portrait and landscape painting skills to produce an image.


Marquetry is a highly crafted skill and each picture, depending on size, will utilise and incorporate hundreds of separate veneers which are blended together to make a stunningly beautiful masterpiece. Each individual piece can take many months, sometimes years, to complete.

There are numerous procedures undertaken in the complex process. Firstly, pieces of veneer are delicately and skillfully cut using a small fretsaw, which are then glued to a strong board. Secondly, all the cuts and small gaps between the veneers are filled with high quality polyester resin. Then the entire piece is sanded down to reach an ultrafine 2000 grit finish. The finished piece is then either polished using French polish, varnished or lacquered. A truly stunning piece of art then comes to life.