Gary views painting as a Spiritual path, a process that generates great joy in creating unique works of art that can take many months to complete. He is driven to create art that inspires and uplifts – art which has the ability to shift the viewers’ awareness into inner realms, where power and beauty touches the soul.

Now that Gary has firmly established himself as a professional artist, his works have been on display in several galleries, most notably the Hayloft Gallery, in Christchurch, Dorset. For portraiture and life painting commissions, please contact him directly for more details.


Gary Samdaliri’s life as an artist began in 2008 when he started to master the skills of Persian marquetry. Gary specialised in themes based on sacred art and mythology, inspired by both western and eastern traditions.

After many years of creating marquetry artwork, Gary felt an inner calling to explore art in other Media, and in 2015 he embarked on various courses and training programmes to develop his skills.

After experimenting with pastels, acrylics, and other mediums, Gary began to discover the radiant beauty of painting in oils, and has developed a unique artistic style that captivates the viewer.

Gary has a particular love of classical portraiture, having undergone intense art training with several respected art teachers. He also paints fantasy themes inspired by ancient mythology and, more recently, has started to develop new skills in the form of abstract themes.

Portrait Painting

Gary feels his artistic skills, as well as his empathic nature, are best suited to Portraiture. He is continuing to refine and perfect his skills since he paints from the heart, and each portrait painting he undertakes is, for him, an artistic and spiritual journey that nourishes his soul.

Portraiture involves a step by step process to achieve the best results. Gary begins each portrait painting with a detailed drawing of the portrait subject. Once the drawing has been completed, the first layer of colour can be applied. He uses a classical painting method called scumbling, where each subsequent layer of colour application is carefully designed to refine and bring together all the elements of the painting.

Gary invests most of his time in slowly building up the skin tone, whereby often five or six layers of colour are applied. This process really helps to highlight the radiant qualities of the facial features in particular. Finally, after three to six months drying, a final gloss varnish is applied to bring out the radiance of the painting.

Abstract Art

The foundation of Gary’s abstract paintings are based on sacred geometry design principles. Abstract painting has helped him to further develop his skills as an Artist, allowing him to gain a much deeper understanding of colour and shape.

Firstly, the principles of sacred geometry to create a grid. This grid also known as the Armature allows the freedom for Gary to formulate his own compositions that are governed by structure, harmony, and mathematical principles.

Since undertaking abstract painting in 2018, Gary has undergone a major transformation as an artist, leading him to a greater understanding of the complex interplay of colour relationships, shapes, and form.

For Gary, his deeper interest in painting abstract is to create unique pieces that allow the viewer to shift into a more fluid, dreamlike, and spiritual state of being.