This is my new fantasy project inspired by Persian fantasy paintings. I have utilised the principals of sacred geometry, using the armature of the rectangle to position Archangel Michael and the planet in particular. This will be a highly challenging painting, allowing me to incorporate all the painting skills I have acquired over the years. At this stage, keeping the brush strokes loose and free.
2/3/18 Have now completed the first full layer of colour. I’m feeling my way through colour harmony and have been using various paintings for guidance. Next stage of painting will allow me to further define the landscape in particular.
6/3/18 Now started painting the second layer, making the colours more vibrant and feeling my way. Also, defining the landscape, earth sphere.
19/4/18 Have completed the second layer of skin tone. I have now reached a stage where the composition is clear. Next will begin to add more refinement and more richness to the painting.
26/4/18 Started on the third layer. Completed the bottom half of the painting, working to improve planet earth which has been layered carefully with a extensive range of colours.
21/5/18 Have completed most of the painting. Have worked on the sky and landscape, adding flowers to the foreground of the heavenly sphere. Also, have refined the waterfall and background mountain. Archangel Michael is just needing some fine touches to complete the fantasy painting.