This is my latest portrait painting, and I have carefully drawn out the details of Chief Sitting Bull on Canvass. I do not like to trace so I have taken my time to carefully outline the details of the face and ceremonial clothes .


8/10/2019 Have completed the first layer of chief sitting bull portrait. I will as i progress further make changes to the colour layout. The first layer helps to bring structure to the painting composition.

10/12/2019 Since my last update i am near to completing the second layer of colour . constructing the face has taken me the longest stage to complete . working out the placement of the facial features has been very time consuming & challenging to say the least . Chief sitting bull is now looking more life like but is still at it’s early stages of completion.

2-1-2020 Finally completed the second layer of skin tone. Have changed the background colours to burnt sienna, red umber for the darker left side & a warmer naples yellow mixed with burnt sienna & cadmium yellow deep for the lighter right side of the painting background.

28/1/2020 I have now began the third layer of painting which the shirt & jumper has been painted . With the jumper i had to simplify a bit by working out the main details of the textured wool . I am satisfied the visual effect has been achieved . The shirt is more vibrant as well with a deeper degree of colour contrast .

14 /3/2020 After a very challenging stage i have completed the third layer of the clothes section now leaving me free to focus on the skin tone area of the face & hair . this has been such a powerful painting process for me .

21/5/2020 Well been a while since i have uploaded . I have now completed a very technically difficult stage of the painting . it took 2 months just to add the fine detail of the face . This project has been such a Wonderful , humbling process that has moved me on as an Artist to totally new chapter in my artistic journey in portraiture .

9/7/20 After 10 long months the third layer of colour has been completed . The portrait is now really taking shape & has been an amazing often exhausting process to achieve a high likeness of the great Chief Sitting bull.