Painting from life is a wonderful way to capture the soul of the Portrait subject. The challenges facing the Artist are many when painting from life. Transferring what you observe onto canvass is a complex learning process. I currently still use a reference photo to help me bring all the crucial elements of the painting together .
A likeness of Michael is starting to take form & we are both happy with the results so far.
20/10/2019. have now completed two more life sittings with Michael. have refined the eyes,nose in particular as well as the hands , arms & the rest of the face. Good progress has been made.
18/11/2019. since my last update i have gone over the skin tones of the face , have painted the hair & refined the hands & arms of Michael . Today have added the scarf & painted over the shirt which will need some more work before i can work on the final stages of this painting from Life.
23/11/2019. last two days have been busy refining the scarf . The challenge was to adapt the scarf from the original sitting & photo i took of the scarf.