2/12/20 I have carefully traced the Landscape painting from a high quality photograph, which has been cropped to a Panoramic composition.

The First layer i paint in a loose style to get the feel of the painting & to allow me then to refine the painting as i progress with more details & deeper colour application.

21/12/20 . The last few weeks i have started the second Layer of the painting . Currently focusing ob the Stones of the Tor . It’s a slow process that takes much patience to achieve more refinement.

8/2/21 . I Have now completed the fore Ground stones of the Landscape painting . This has been a very time consuming process but an Important Stage to begin to Achieve the realism i am aiming for .


Since the last update The Painting has progressed well . The open moor land has been a time consuming stage but well worth the time to enhance the depth of the landscape . I have introduced new colours to my palette , using gold green transparent oil paint with gold ochre & sap green plus red umber .


The second Stage has now been completed . It has taken me 9 months to get to this stage . A deeply challenging painting that has awakened a love of Landscape which i never had before .


An Important stage of the painting has been reached . I have completed the first large foreground stone with high realism . A very long winded painting process but a vital procedure in achieving the desired outcome . Still about 6 months painting left to complete this landscape painting project.