This is my second fantasy work, created mainly from imagination and inspired by Persian fantasy art. It took me a while to workout the layout of the temple and where to position the fire altars, pillars, and High Priestess. I have used sacred geometry and a mandala design in the composition to enhance the spiritual nature of the artwork. What ignites passion in the fantasy art I create is the intent to produce a painting that contains a deeper spiritual essence that has been channelled during the painting process. The painting can therefore act as a potential catalyst to awaken the viewer to the spiritual nature of the theme. The High Priestess acts as a portal to the subconscious mind and she harnesses great wisdom within her being. She summons the spirit of the fire phoenix, to purify the ego and shadow self, to activate divine power contained deep within the spirit self.
For more details of the various painting process please refer to the work in progress section, located near the bottom of this page.
This fantasy project took 6 months to complete.