New fantasy High Priestess in Fire Temple. I have composed the temple design mainly from imagination with some reference photos. This is by far my most ambitious piece yet. At this stage working on finding the right colour & light.

6/4/2017. I have now completed about 70% of the painting. The challenge has been working out the light source from the two fire altars in the composition. I am feeling my way through this fantasy work. Next will be further refining the temple & figure.

18/4/2017 More work on the temple floor & pillar has been done. I have now pretty much established the light direction of the light emanating from the two fire altars & it’s reflection on the marble floor & pillar.

24/4/2017 Now in the final phase of establishing the light reflections on the temple floor. Next will complete the figure with another layer of skin tone & work on the fire flames.

11/5/2017 Have now added deeper reds & violets to the two phoenix birds on the fire altar. Mainly been working on applying a delicate layer of skin tone colours with the challenge of incorporating the reflection of fire on the skin of the high priestess. Also have applied colour to the water reflection of the fountain. Now mainly fine touching up needed to complete the piece .

25/5/17  More refinement at this stage. Been mainly working on skin tone of high priestess to portray fire & have added another layer of hair using a rigger brush.