This is my first life painting project and I am working with a life modal over a series of two-hour sessions, to allow me the time to slowly obtain correct body proportions. I have been attending life drawing classes which has helped me to improve my drawing and painting skills. To further develop my skills this new project is showing me the challenges that artists face in tackling the complexity of the human body.
16/11/18 In this two-hour session I have made some important alterations to the breast area and have painted the hands. The overall proportions of the head and body are starting to fall into place. Painting from life has been a very rewarding and educational process, important in mastering the drawing & painting process.
19/12/18 The life painting of Stephanie has now been completed. The final painting session with Stephanie was a rewarding session in which, to my surprise, the painting completed itself. The dynamics of the inner qualities of Stephanie was captured, resulting in a deep feeling of achieving my goal and crossing an important phase of my artistic development.