This is a Commission painting for a client . I have created the composition of the painting based on Laura brain storming me with spiritual themes that resonate with er spiritual path . She wanted a heart sutra in the centre & Angel wings plus The Heron totem & whale close up in the centre area . Their are 4 major totems & other totems in the outer rim of the Sacred Circle . I have completed the first stage & now working on the second stage of the painting now .


I have since the last update added the flowers & plants to the outer rim of the sacred design circle . I have been busy a researching each plant & flower for each direction of the medicine wheel . Each flower has it’s own unique spiritual power & meaning . spring flowers represent birth , joy , renewal . Summer flowers have their own gift as well as autumn .

15/1 /2024

Much has been added since the last update with the inserting of plants & flowers now complete . I have added a second layer of rich colour to the outer area of the circle using ultra marine blue / transparent oxide red / burnt umber & viridian Green for the 4 directions on the medicine wheel . Have added an infinity symbol &have gone over the angel wings with rich gold /silver & white on the outer region of the feathers .