7/8/17 Starting with a detailed drawing of the subject, I then carried out a monochrome imprimatura using walnut oil and burnt sienna to define the light and dark. This procedure helps to enhance the later stages of the painting process. Then I had painted the first layer of colour’ mainly using a loose brush and blending technique to achieve the basic structure of the portrait subject, which I can now begin to refine with further layers of colour.

17/8/17 Have now, after a long week, completed the second layer of skin tone. I’ve started to insert the much finer details that will really create a 3D effect and give life to the portrait.

8/9/17 Have now completed the third layer of skin tone. At this stage I begin to fine tune with delicate colour balance to create a much more refined skin tone harmony. Also been working on the eyes and hair, whereby I use a rigger brush to create the illusion of texture.

21/9/17 More work on the background and flower garland has been carried out. Now ready for another skin tone and then more work on the hair to bring the portrait to the final phase of completion.