1/5/18 I have started the painting of Chief Crazy Horse. First, a detailed drawing using water soluable colour pencil. Then, a monochrome imprematura first layer has been applied to help define and highlight the lights and shadows using a burnt sienna weak glaze.
3/5/18. Now working from the bottom of the portrait applying the first layer of colour.
16/5/18 Have now completed the first layer of colour. Slowly feeling my way with various colours to create a well balanced colour harmony using mainly earth pigments such as red umber, raw umber, raw sienna, and Indian red as a foundation for the skin tone.
11/6/18 Chief Crazy Horse is slowly progressing. Have been working out the placement of the base of the feathers. Next will go over the painting, further refining the portrait.
9/7/18 Now towards the final stage of the portrait. Have been working on the skin tone adding another layer. The feathers have been further refined, as well as his clothing. Have added Indian Yellow to the pallet. For the background have used a contrast of raw umber, sap green mixed with raw sienna, and for the light area naples yellow with indian yellow to create a vibrant earth colour.