Rudolph Steiner portrait. This is a commissioned portrait for the Ringwood Steiner School. Still at the early stages. Have now completed the first layer of skin tone and I am starting on the second skin tone. This will be a challenging portrait, which I’m very happy to take on. I’m working from a black and white reference photo, which only provides me with the variation of skin tone.

12/2/18 I have now painted a second layer of skin tone, working on the lights, half tones, and shadow areas that begin to enhance the facial features. I’m using muted greys for the shadow, mainly ultra marine blue and paynes grey. For the lights, naples yellow, lead white, and vermillion. For the half tones I’m using terra verte, flesh colour, and indian red, with raw sienna.

19/2/18. Have added another skin layer on the portrait, now really starting to define the tone variation of the face. This requires a very keen observation to achieve a likeness of the subject.

1/3/18 Another layer of skin tone has been applied with great attention to detail. Have also worked on the eyes.